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Hello Parents! Welcome to The Happy Family Club!

We have one simple mission: Every Family, a Happy Family.

No matter how old your children are, or what stage your family is in, we’re here to help you. Yes, you can overcome the chaos, the doubts, the fighting, the stress… and be so much happier!

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Experts You Can Trust

At The Happy Family Club, we partner with you to make your family life happier – everyday… even when times are hard!

But we knew we couldn’t do it alone!

We are bringing together the world’s best parenting and family experts who share the same values you do. They share key principles and easy-to-follow steps to inspire you and lift you.

Family life is complicated and extremely diverse. So we talk about just about everything:


  • Keeping your children safe from the dangers of technology
  • Protecting your children from the various evil agendas that have infiltrated society
  • Creating a Bulletproof Marriage Relationship
  • FOOD! (teaching children to cook, making healthy food, meal planning, the whole works!)
  • Parenting Teens
  • And so much more!

Handle the Hardest Family Issues With
Confidence and Skill

But that’s not all…

We give tips on how to handle tricky topics like peer pressure, sex and intimacy.

Plus, we tackle serious issues like mental health and suicide… because the world out there is trying hard to destroy families. But you can rise above that with the help of the experts we’ve rounded up.

And there’s so much more!!

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Every day we wake up we fight for the happiness of our families. Don’t do it alone!

Get unlimited access to Masterclasses, Marriage and Parenting Experts, and an incredible community of like minded parents!

In a world of sadness we can make our families a shining light of happiness!

Free Courses

Raising Stars: Disciplining Children with Love


– Love-based discipline techniques.

– Strategies to navigate tantrums gracefully.

– Tips for instilling respect, resilience, and responsibility.

– Helpful resources to ease the discipline journey.

Win the Tech War

Win the Tech War…Save Your Family. 

Discover how to protect your family and use technology to your advantage instead of a weapon for the enemy.


The 9 Principles of Happy Families

Discover the 9 principles that make families in the happy family club well…Happy! 

Power Off, Potential On:

A Parent’s Guide to Healthy Tech Habits for Kids?

This guide is your secret weapon in navigating the digital landscape with your children.

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Every Family a Happy Family


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