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WARNING: Everyone in The Happy Family Club
IS NOT happy all the time.

Real life happens and sometimes it’s terrible, miserable, depressing and downright nasty… and that’s the truth of it.

But, we believe we can all be happier than we are now, even with all the gobbly-gook that comes our way.

Come join us… have some fun with us, learn new skills, share your wisdom and get support for those nasty days that are sure to come.


Video 1 

Joshua is mildly obsessed with cooking… and some of his recipes are just “ho-humm”. But others are legendary.

(Note from the Kids: WARNING! Daddy never writes down his recipes…ever…He makes up a new recipe every time?. Recipes will be updated as his skills improve)

Business Secrets

If you run a business or want a side-hustle, Joshua and his boys can help!

Teen’s Secret Society

Ahh… the teen years. Our teens don’t let us on this part of the site, so parental discretion is advised (you’ve been warned…).


Video 2

Joshua and Margie sit down with parents from around the world and chat about real life stuff – happy and sad.

From the Ground to the Belly

We love producing our own food! Discover hundreds of ways to kill plants… and a few great ways to get them to thrive.

(Note from the Children: If you want to have more tomatoes than you you possible handle we got all the secrets! Also if you want all your corn to die we can help with that too ?)

And More Coming!

We’ll get into other topics and randomly add them to the site as things pop up. Stay tuned…

?‍?‍?‍? ?
Video 3

Joshua and Margie give you their opinions on parenting, marriage, and life. Just the two of them tackling family life topics from cooking to politics to finances to intimacy to homeschooling to discipline to… and on and on

Money Matters

Joshua is truly terrible with managing money… and Margie is world class. Plus, we know people and you should know what they know about family finances.

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