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Have you noticed that there is a ton of fear and stress out there right now? The after math of Covid is really hurting children and teens. Teen suicide rates are higher than ever. Small children are confused about who they are… and parents seem to be just as confused.

Technology seems to be stealing the minds of family members and robbing people of the joy they could have.

And, of course, poisonous politics and civil unrest are at an all time high. People are running round feeling angry, frustrated, and just not happy.

There is a better way, right? There is a much happier and more peaceful way to live and run a family. But a lot of people just don’t know how to do it.

We are Joshua and Margie Boswell. We are the parents of 11 children, ranging in age from 9yrs to 26yrs. We are doing an international research project to see how we can help. We will take the data from this research and publish a report called: “Secrets to a Happy Family in Today’s Crazy World”.

We are also writing a book and creating a series of “Family Master Classes”… online resources that will help children, teens, and parents cope with the craziness of our day and have a sense of happiness, connection, and value no matter what happens.

Will you help us? We will send you a FREE copy of the report… PLUS an audio copy of a presentation Joshua did several years ago called, “7 Secrets of Success Parenting”. But the real reward comes in knowing you are helping tens of thousands of families around the world enjoy happier and more loving lives.

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